921 Jackson St

Status: Not Available


Square Footage:1800

Bedrooms: 3


Video walkthrough

Lots to offer in this house. Upon first visual you’ll notice a side entry located close to the alley and where with some planning you can manage to park two vehicles off street. You’ll also notice the front porch where its the prime spot for those days sitting on the porch are best. There is a side yard but because of this snow, its slightly buried. There is no grass to speak of, so in return no maintenance that needs attending.

Entering through the front door, a plethora of natural hardwood! Foyer, living room, & dining room all have continuous hardwood flooring throughout, with natural hardwood window casings, vast windows flooding the room with warmth from the natural lighting. In the living room stands a show piece, an ornamental fireplace bordered with ceramic tiles and topped with a mantle showcasing the striated wood pattern more commonly found with Tigerwood. Completing the show piece is a beveled mirror and support pillars, clearly making it the primary subject of the room.

The Kitchen is located off of the dining room via a double hinged serving door. Everything in kitchen is nearly new. The flooring was recently replaced, as were the counter-tops, and appliances. The walls have received fresh paint from top to bottom. Everything in kitchen is clean and ready for move in.

Located off the kitchen is the basement door and slightly beyond the door is the downstairs half bathroom. Stepping down the stairs into the basement, to the left is a large room perfect for storage, the right another fairly large room that houses the washer and dryer that are included with rent. Located in the space between rooms, where the steps are houses the furnace (gas) and water heater (gas).

Exiting from the basement, moving from kitchen to dining room and back to the front door are the steps leading to the second floor when after a few squeaky steps you’re standing in the hallway looking from the bathroom on your left to the first bedroom, to the hallway closet, and the two remaining rooms on the right. It’s on the second floor that much of the houses charm reviles itself, it’s the windows that change the over all feel for the house. The top sashes of each window are diamond shaped and distort the light entering ever so slightly. Apart from the windows, much of the second floor features wall-to-wall carpet natural hardwood casing on both windows and doors. In conclusion, the house is very historic, but spacious and quiet.

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