Welcome to The Burnell Group

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A Brief 

The Burnell Group has been an award-winning Fort Wayne-based company dedicated to the remodeling of homes and to the efficient management of real estate.

We’ve learned our business from several sides — construction renovation, management, and financing.  This wide-ranging knowledge is where our strength lies. We can see the whole picture, and we use that understanding to our benefit.

We are very fortunate to be doing exactly what we love to do. As our experience grew, so did our respect for our homes and our rental properties.

How the pieces fit.

Burnell Gump became a general contractor in 1974 building new homes and remodeling others. He followed in his father’s footsteps, builder and developer Herbert Gump.

In 1981, Bernie earned a Real Estate brokers license,and continued to work as a contractor. His knowledge of the real estate market helped to make good financial decisions in purchasing and remodeling properties.

Rhonda Gump added her knowledge of property management and financial analysis, and in 1986, earned her Real Estate license.

Today, our main focus is to purchase and renovate homes that have fallen into decay. Some are kept and added to our rental portfolio and others are sold to those wanting to join the West Central neighborhood.